Our philosophy is for us to do all the important and demanding structural work, including installing the controls. We leave only the assembly and covering for you to complete. The Challenger is one of the simplest and quickest designs to assemble on the market. No special skills or tools are required.

Jigs are used extensively to insure accurate alignment during the construction process. This kind of precision would be very difficult to accomplish by most home builders. The entire airframe is built using aircraft grade aluminum alloy, chromalloy steel, stainless steel rivets, and AN type aircraft hardware.

A light weight certified aircraft fabric called Superflite is used on the Challenger's fuselage, ailerons and tail feathers. For the wings there is a choice of materials available - Superflite or Sailcloth. The fabric for each of the tail surfaces and the ailerons is pre-sewn into socks or envelopes of exactly the right size and shape to greatly speed and simplify the covering process. Superflite for the fuselage and wings comes as precut panels.

In order to meet the criteria of a very strong structure that is at the same time very light weight, the Challenger is designed with an aluminum truss like airframe that uses a multitude of small diameter aircraft tubing, precision fitted to provide strength through triangulation.

Unlike most kits, the entire airframe, fuselage, wings and tail feathers are built at the factory prior to shipment.

When you open your Challenger boxes at home, you will not simply find some aluminum and a set of plans in front of you. You will find an airplane that needs only straight forward assembly, covering, and your own personalized color scheme to be ready for flight.

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