Back To Roots - The New Part 103 Challenger

The first single seat Challengers greeted the world a quarter century ago in 1983. Those early Challengers were sleek and sexy compared to the powered hang gliders and flying lawn chairs of the era. They were among the first ultralights to look and handle like real airplanes!

The new Challenger 103 heads back to the basics of grass roots flying under FAR Part 103.
The appeal of Part 103 operations is that no registration is required for the aircraft and neither license nor medical is required for the pilot. Flying under Part 103 is one of the few motorized activities you can enjoy in modern life that involves zero paperwork!

The newest single seat Challenger, now shipping, was designed to meet both the spirit and the letter of FAR Part 103 for true ultralights. The new Challenger 103 comes in under the strict 254 pound weight limit, even with its oversize main wheels and powerful brakes for operation on short grass strips. Maximum pilot weight with two hours of fuel onboard is a hefty 250 pounds.

The Challenger 103 is powered by the Hirth F 33 dual ignition engine. Standard equipment includes pre-sewn sailcloth wings, basic instruments and flaperons with adjustable pitch trim.

The quick-build kit can be assembled in under 100 hours by a first-timer. It is available as a complete package including engine or split into airframe and powerplant sections. The Challenger 103 can also be acquired as four sub-kits - tail, wings, fuselage and engine.

The Challenger 103 is the perfect choice for budget conscious flyers looking for simple fun.

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